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Welcome to Centralsocial3D.

Central Mall


Central Mall Courtyard


We are Utherverse's highest traffic retail region.

Built in 2011 and officially opened in January 2012, Central mall has quickly grown to become the largest and most prominent retail region in the 'verse. The Mall is home to approximately 100 virtual and real world businesses. It has become a community staple with easily recognizable doors in all of the public regions of the 3D World.

Home of the current longest running private Utherverse weekly event, Shop-a-Holics Anonymous, and some of the largest and most unique sales and expos in-world, Central Mall is a place to shop, have fun, and meet new friends while forging new business and personal relationships.

Our multi-talented, friendly staff consists of some of the top designers, decorators, DJs, Working-Girls and business people in world - who know what it takes to help you become successful in your business. Style Central Mall is truly Utherverse's most comprehensive and all inclusive retail region!

Bargain Basement


Name Brand Items - CloseOut Prices!

Everyone loves a great deal...

...and Central Malls Bargain Basement is just the place to find them! Conveniently located on RLC street and accessible from the Mall and Courtyard, we are just a jump away no matter where you are. In the basement you will find top designers, decorators, and service providers with rock-bottom prices. You never know what you will find on sale in the Central Malls Bargain Basement!

24 hours a day/365 days a year!

This is the only place you can shop when you want and get guaranteed discount prices. No more searching through catalogs or waiting on a sale. There's a sale every day at the Bargain Basement!

Landmark and come back often!

These guys are always marking down prices on select items, updating their catalogs and offering amazing discounts on your favorite stuff. You need only stop in and cash in on the latest specials from your favorite store. Once you're here dont forget to landmark us, you're going to want to come back again and again.

Stop on by and check out what all your favorite Central Mall shops have on sale every day.


Rental Info:
Rentals at the Bargain Basement are limited, and available only to Central Mall renters.
If you are a current Mall renter, Contact us to see if we have a space available for you!
If you are not a current Mall renter, ask us about a combo Mall/Basement package!
(subject to availability)