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Grand Central Transport


Welcome To Our World!

When you download the CentralSocial client and log into Utherverse, Grand Central Transport will be your first point of entry into the 3D world. This amazing masterpiece of 3-dimensional architecture was inspired by New York's very own Grand Central Station, designed and modified to fit the needs of a virtual transport center.

On the ground floor of the station, this internalized hub provides fast access to all the main areas of our world as well as neighboring worlds, and also provides entrance points to all public regions of the Utherverse. Take a trip to the Mall, check out the classes at UtherAcademy, traverse the streets of Virtual Vancouver, or stroll around Central Square to get a taste of the nightlife in the 'Verse. These are just a few of the many portals you will find on the base level of the Station.

Looking To Explore?

Go upstairs to the second level of the Transport, and you will find an entire array of Terminals to port you to any destination you choose! Each terminal is categorized, choose from Retail and Specialty Stores, Furniure Shops, Real Estate Offices, Virtual Clubs, Entertainment Venues, and many other Places of Interest! The selections in each terminal constantly rotate to provide you hundreds of options to visit and explore.

But Wait.. Thats Not All!

Walk outside any of Grand Central's exit tunnels, and you will find yourself on the street surrounding the station. Walk, skate, run, or simply mosey along the streets to explore a vast assortment of additional shops and interesting places!

Overall, the Grand Central Transport is a place where one can browse, learn, shop, or just enjoy the many different aspects of the 3D experience. When you come here be sure to landmark and make this a permanent destination for transportation.