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We've Come A Long Way Baby!

Founded in 2009, Central began as a small marketplace within the Virtual World Web and has progressively evolved to everything you see before you today. Along with the ever-popular Central Mall, we now host a multi-level Department Store, Club District, Marketing Service, DJ Stream Service, Music Center, Movie Theaters, Transport Center, Adult Cinemas ...and so much more!

The Wave of the Future is Virtual Reality

Although the 'flatweb' will always continue to exist, it stands to reason that with the leaps and bounds being made in 3D technology, the future of the Internet will be virtual. We're so excited to be riding the forefront of the virtual wave! It is both thrilling and sometimes terrifying to imagine what that future will bring! We are currently looking forward to a new client platform, with many new features, and envisioning a whole new range of Central Services to provide the ever-growing virtual community.

To Infinity... and Beyond!

Our goal here at Central has always been to serve both the business community AND the general community, bringing them together in a positive, upbeat, and mutually beneficial environment. We work hard to achieve this goal with regular parties, games, shows, expos, contests, and many many more events for everyone to participate in and enjoy. This multifaceted, genuine approach to virtual business and marketing has been the key factor in bringing us so far along.

Its All Right Here

Since we have grown so quickly in so many different avenues, lately it has become imperative to develop an area where users can find and access all of our services in one central location (pun intended!). This website brings together all of the key elements of our online world in one place. We have worked hard to make it simple to navigate and understand. So please, feel free to explore the site, bookmark it, and join us in-world for our next Big Event.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

~Central Management and Staff