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Central Mall

With over 100 virtual and real-world businesses...

We are Utherverse's highest traffic retail region

Built in 2011 and officially opened in January 2012, Central mall has quickly grown to become the largest and most prominent retail region in the ‘verse. It has become a community staple with easily recognizable doors in all of the public regions of the 3D World.



What we have for you in..

Utherverse's most comprehensive and all inclusive retail region!

Home of the current longest running private Utherverse weekly event, Shop-a-Holics Anonymous, and some of the largest and most unique sales and expos in-world, Central Mall is a place to shop, have fun, and meet new friends while forging new business and personal relationships.

Bargain basement

Check out our events line-up

Weekly Mall parties, kickass Sale Events, Fashion Shows, Deco Expos, Seasonal Events and more! Our team is full of fun loving individuals who love nothing more than to throw a great party! Our generous sponsors provide all sorts of prizes and giveaways, and our dedicated Events staff is on location to give them out at every event! Join us for the next one and you could go home with extra rays, designer outfits, custom props, maybe even a new virtual home!

Rental Opportunities

Located on RLC street, Alley, Gay Alley, Virtual Vancouver, Zaby Loby, Gas Town, Granville Island, 3d Tunes Street, Rude and also accessible from all Central venues, the Central Mall has unparalled retail traffic and exposure.

Automatic Rental System!

Central Mall has storefronts available for all types of retail and service providing businesses. Designers, decorator, prop makers, programmers, real world products, etc. Our rental prices start at 25 rays, depending on location within the mall. All door prices can be checked simply by clicking the rental sign.

Mall Store Rental Only:
  1. Port in and find the spot you want. (Click door to check price.)
  2. Click on the UV business door and input your vww url and logo texture(image).
  3. Refresh the region to see your space update.
  4. You may manage your rental and modify the logo texture by going to your profile, Property > Doors > Licensed Doors > Manage



  • 1st floor renters: You may request deco access to edit your storefront. Send a message StyleCentral for access and prop limit info.
  • 2nd and 3rd floor renters: You may add 1 image with clickable link (catalog, website, etc.) per window.Send a message to StyleCentral with the image and link urls.
Courtyard Anchor Rental:

Courtyard Anchor Spaces are our most prominent rentals.
You must message StyleCentral to rent an Anchor space.
Each space is a set all-inclusive price of 400rays/mo and include the following:

  • 20 prop display in Central Mall Courtyard
  • Storefront on main floor of Central Mall
  • 15 prop display in Bargain Basement
  • Reserved prime placement for Mall Sale Events


Note: Inside mall is a legacy bonus, as we do not have an inside mall in rlc2. However, everything else will carry over to rlc2 when we are fully operational there.

All Mall Renters are Included in Sale Events
  • Anchors and 1st Floor Renters receive a full booth/setup/display in Mall Sale Events.
  • 2nd and 3rd floor renters receive a sign linked to your catalog or showroom for Mall Sale Events.

Everyone loves a great deal…

Central Malls Bargain Basement is just the place to find them! Conveniently located on RLC street and accessible from the Mall and Courtyard, we are just a jump away no matter where you are. In the basement you will find top designers, decorators, and service providers with rock-bottom prices. You never know what you will find on sale in the Central Malls Bargain Basement!

24 hours a day/365 days a year!

This is the only place you can shop when you want and get guaranteed discount prices. No more searching through catalogs or waiting on a sale. There’s a sale every day at the Bargain Basement!

Landmark and come back often!

These guys are always marking down prices on select items, updating their catalogs and offering amazing discounts on your favorite stuff. You need only stop in and cash in on the latest specials from your favorite store. Once you’re here dont forget to landmark us, you’re going to want to come back again and again.